Lil Wayne to Drake, You're Costing Me Money

June 20, 2012 By:
Lil Wayne to Drake, You're Costing Me Money

LIl' Wayne has apparently been urging Drake to put an end to this whole I'm-bagging-your-girl-so-let's-break-some-sh** thing with Chris Brown.

TMZ is reporting that both Weezy and the rest of the Young Money crew are telling Drake to make some peace ASAP cause the whole thing, aside from being ridiculously immature, is bad for business…. and if there's one thing Wayne likes more than looking scary and mumbling in front of the mic, its making dollar bills (times millions).

Chris has lent his talents to several works done by Young Money peeps, and when Chris lends his talents, people get rich(er). If Chris decides to boycott any future endeavors with those in Wayne's world, they'll just make a ridiculous amount of money instead of maybe a f**king ridiculous amount of money….

Cleary thats some weak math, but the whole thing is honestly hard to quantify when you're talking about degrees of billions as the rest of us are forced to roll change to buy a tank of gas. Seriously, how many zeroes are there in a billion anyway?

But let's get back on point here. Drake is allegedly unwilling to hug it out with Chris until Chris acknowledges that Drake was not one of the aggressors in the brawl that left a nightclub destroyed and left a lot of innocent people injured.

Chris Brown's lawyer is claiming otherwise.

And just to make sure, have we mentioned Lil' Wayne likes money?