Drake Goes Shopping With Two Bodyguards

June 20, 2012 By:
Drake Goes Shopping With Two Bodyguards

Fresh off his night-club brawl, Drake won't go anywhere without being flanked by two hunky male bodyguards. You never know when snitches gonna start popping bottles, am I right?! Chris Brown knows what I’m talking about.

Drake was spotted shopping in the Georgetown section of Washington D.C on Tuesday with his beefy bodyguards. (Beefy bodyguards? Rap beef? There’s got to be a potential rap lyric in here somewhere…? Nevermind).

His muscle dudes were outfitted in some infant-sized T-shirts while Drake stayed low-key and incognito in a black tracksuit with his hood pulled down over his head. Drake has to keep his head down, Chris Brown’s crew could be hiding behind the bushes with bottles of Dom Perignon in hand.

It appears that he went into a "sports shirts" store. You know the kind, where rappers buy Jerseys and other sports paraphernalia.

To get you caught up in what’s going on with the Drake/Chris Brown incident, both guys refuse to own-up to starting the fight or being involved. Chris Brown is like “It wasn’t me” and Drake is just way too smooth to snitch to police at all.

However, the latest news is that Lil Wayne (Drake’s boss, essentially) wants Drake to shut up and get back to music... or shopping. Whichever, occurs first.