20 Times Drake Made You Want to Be Dat Hat

June 17, 2014 By:
20 Times Drake Made You Want to Be Dat Hat
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You’ve never wanted to be a backwards hat more in your entire life.

1. Drake loves to wear hats.


2. And he wears them well.


3. So well, you wish YOU were dat hat on his head.


4.  This hat on his laughing, jolly, ecstatic scalp.


5. This hat in the center of a baseball stadium.


6. This hat that’s just seconds away from getting drunk on some white wine.

7. Look how good you look (as a hat) next to his mom/your future mother-in-law.


8. These hats are nice, but you don’t want to be them because none are placed squarely on Drake’s head.


9. However, an exception would be dat hat on this drummer’s head, which is mere feet away from a crooning Drake.


10. This hat that's just texting with the rest of the crew.


11. This hat that’s so over the club right now.


12. This Velcro snapback. (Yes, VELCRO.)


13. This bucket hat, ayo!


14. This hat he’s protecting from the bright lens of the camera because he values your privacy so much.


15. This hat that likes to celebrate the holidays.


16. This hat next to Michael B. Jordan. *faint*


17. This oh-so-humble hat.


18. This hat that met Carmelo Anthony.


19. You want to be dat hat right here, but could you leave a message ‘cause dat hat is busy at the moment.


20. Finally, dat hat that's like, “Gotta go, I’m with Drake.”