Dr. Phil Ousted

January 29, 2008 By:
Dr. Phil Ousted

The dirt is coming out on Dr. Phil, and it doesn't look pretty. Star has a big article on his and his health club scandal dating back to the 70's. Here's some of the excerpts:

In September 1973, barely two years after opening the Grecian Health Spa in Topeka, McGraw suddenly shut it down and fled to Wichita Falls, Texas, where his father, psychologist Joseph McGraw, had a private practice.

Why the sudden flight? Possible because McGraw had become the object of an intense fraud investigation by the Attorney General's office in Topeka!

"He was signing up hundreds of customers to long, expensive contracts, then turning around and selling the contracts to a financial institution for a percentage of the total value up front in cash.

"He then simply shut down the spa at some point after collecting that money and left town. It was a total rip-off because the customers would still be liable for the contract payments, only now to the financial institution…"

Court papers also reveal that between September 1973 and June 1974, McGraw was sued by three different Topeka banks for $41,000 they claimed he owed.

Dr. Phil is also being accused of sexually harassing a female patient and an employee at a biotech lab. Gasp! Not the biotech lab! What's next? The set of Dr. Phil? We'll keep you updated.