Report: Dr. Conrad Murray Wants to Kill Himself

November 15, 2011 By:
Report: Dr. Conrad Murray Wants to Kill Himself

After being convicted of the manslaughter or of Michael Jackson, Dr. Conrad Murray is telling his jail visitors that he wants to kill himself. Sources say that Murray has been saying that he's lost the will to live, and even though his lawyers prepared him for this outcome, it never really sunk in for him.

According to TMZ, Murray's baby mama, Nicole Alvarez, his bodyguard, Jeff, and his lawyers have all been to the jail to visited him. And Murray has told them all that he wants to die, as the verdict came as a shock to him. Murray is currently in the medical ward at L.A. County Jail, and has been there for more than a week. He is currently awaiting his sentencing, which is scheduled for later this month.

While Murray has no physical ailments, sources say he's there solely because he's on suicide watch.

Steve Whitmore, a spokesperson for the Los Angeles County Sherriff's Department refuses to comment or confirm why Murray has been in the medical ward. " A person's medical or mental health status in the Los Angeles County Jail is protected under the law," Whitmore adds.

Murray was found guilty last Monday, and has reportedly been deemed a "keep away inmate," meaning jail officials have taken special precautions to keep him safe. Murray has been in a single cell for his own protection.

In an interview recorded during the "waning days of the case," according to CNN, Conrad Murray sat down with the Today show's Savannah Guthrie to proclaim his innocence.

"I do not feel guilty because I did not do anything wrong," Murray said. “Certainly [Jackson] was deceptive by not sharing with me his whole medical history, doctors he was seeing, treatment that he might have been receiving."

Murray said that he wished Jackson "was more forthcoming and honest to tell me things about himself."

He contends that Jackson was addicted to Propofol, using it to treat his insomnia. Murray says that when he left the room before Jackson passed away, "something happened" that caused the singer to die.

Murray also told Guthrie that although he couldn’t recall Jackson's last words, "It was probably when he was pleading and begging me to please, please let him have some 'milk,' because that was the only thing that would work."