Dr. Conrad Murray Found GUILTY of Involuntary Manslaughter of Michael Jackson

November 7, 2011 By:
Dr. Conrad Murray Found GUILTY of Involuntary Manslaughter of Michael Jackson

On Monday afternoon, the jury in the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial reached a verdict and found Dr. Conrad Murray guilty.

Having been staying with his family in Santa Monica, Dr. Murray arrived to the courthouse to hear the verdict. The court clerk read and published the verdict, saying, "We the jury…find the defendant, Conrad Murray guilty. Alleged victim…Michael Joseph Jackson."

Upon reading the verdict, cheers were heard outside of the court. Dr. Murray remained emotionless throughout the verdict.

Michael Jackson's parents, along with La Toya, Jermaine and Randy, we all present at the Downtown L.A. County Courthouse to hear the verdict. The Jackson family traveled from Calabasas, California and were anxious to hear the decision.

After the verdict, the judge gave a personal note to the jury, saying that "throughout this trial you have been remarkable, in terms of your patience."

He then discharged the jury. From there, the judge began planning Murray's sentencing. Defense Attorney Ed Chernoff asked the judge, "We were discussing possible sentencing dates, and we were talking about three weeks."

Dr. Conrad Murray is due back in court on November 29 for probation and sentencing. While prosecutors asked for Murray to be held in custody without bail, the defense team asked the judge:

"We ask that you release him...until sentencing date."

But it was ultimately decided that Murray was a danger to the community.
The judge evaluated the situation and decided that Murray should not be released. Dr. Murray was then ordered to be taken into custody, and he was handcuffed for the rest of the proceeding.

"He is now a convicted felon, and he has ties outside of the state of California," the judge evaluated.

Murray will be in jail, without bail, until the date of his sentencing.

Murray will be sentenced to a maximum of four years in state prison. But because of prison overcrowding, he would only serve two years, and it would be served in county jail. Also, because of a new California overcrowding law, it is actually possible that Murray will spend those two years on house arrest.

It has been reiterated in this case that the only reason it has gone to trial is due to Dr. Conrad Murray's interview with investigators after Jackson's untimely death. It was in that interview that Murray confessed to administering Propofol.