Miss Michigan Succumbed To Peer Pressure, Did One Shot

June 8, 2012 By:
Miss Michigan Succumbed To Peer Pressure, Did One Shot

The Miss USA pageant happened last Sunday night, and like all good pageant girls with their world peace and pretty gowns, these girls get schwastey at the after party! Because once the show is over, the good behavior apparently is too.

One girl in particular appeared to be suffering her loss very publicly. TMZ obtained photos of Miss Michigan - Kristen Danyal - doing handle pulls of Ketel One vodka at LAVO nightclub after Miss Rhode Island won the crown. Straight shots of vodka? Not exactly pageant behavior.

Anyway, Miss Michigan pleaded with TMZ, insisted she doesn’t drink and that the photo was staged “for fun.”

Of course, that’s very hard to believe, but we talked to the guy in the photo holding the bottle of vodka and found out that yeah, Miss Michigan really is an upstanding citizen.

“Miss Michigan was pressured into taking the shot because everyone was egging her on and trying to cheer her up for not winning,” he tells Hollyscoop exclusively.

He also told us that he’s known for shoving a bottle into someone’s hand as soon as they walk into the club, so yeah, he’s kind of taking the fall for poor little Miss Michigan.

“She did one shot from the bottle and that was it,” he reveals.

And when Miss Michigan insisted that she “never drinks,” our source confirms it and says that “this was an extremely rare occasion [for her].”

See, now Donald Trump doesn’t have to throw a fit about it.