Donald Trump's 5 Tips For Raising Kickass Kids

September 15, 2008 By:
Donald Trump's 5 Tips For Raising Kickass Kids

Donald Trump is good at building things and making money off them. But he thinks he's pretty damn good at raising kids too. He sat down with the website, and gave subscribers five tips on how to raise "kickass kids."

1. Be an example. Children watch –and they will emulate what they see.

2. Set the standard high. Challenge is good, and accomplishment creates healthy self-respect.

3. Stress the importance of education, it's the foundation for success.

4. Let them know they are exceptional, so exceptional results are expected.

5. Exhibit a sense of community through participation and philanthropy. Giving back is a great reward.

Pretty good tips, huh? He did raise kids with their head on their shoulders so one might want to take his advice.