Donald Trump Slams Halle Berry

November 29, 2012 By:
Donald Trump Slams Halle Berry

Would the real bully billionaire please shut up?

Donald Trump—the desperate, grating, and parabolically obsolete toad who feels the need to consistently poison the Internet and general public space of the media with rancid, unwarranted, and frantic croaks from his platinum-lined cesspool of insignificance—has opened his mouth yet again…

This time, the target in Mr. Trump’s mind terrorist scope is Halle Berry—specifically, Halle Berry’s home life.

“Always drama with Halle B!” he tweeted on Wednesday.

He prefaced the comment, calling out Halle’s ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubry’s abilities to stand up for himself.

“Gabriel Aubry should learn how to fight—he became a punching bag,” he also wrote on the tweet.

Not that we’re in the business of sticking up for the likes of Gabriel Aubry here at Hollyscoop, but Halle’s fiancé spawns from a line of boxers. So, it was kind of a David vs. Goliath-type situation…only in this scenario David gets his a** handed to him by a very pissed Parisian.

As we previously reported, Olivier Martinez beat the flimsy French-Canadian model to a pulp when Aubry was dropping off his daughter; a custodial exchange that turned into a tabloid mess.

It’s still up in the air as to who punched whom first, but Aubry was arrested for battery. Both men have restraining orders against each other.

You’ll noticed that none of these details feature the name “Donald Trump’ anywhere in them, nor do they even slightly relate to the multi-billionaire. Therefore, you'd think he has no business butting his poorly-styled head into the scene in the first place.

Of course, that never stopped Toad Trump from attempting to stir the pot in order to stay relevant before—Halle and Gabriel join a long list—from President Obama, to Kristen Stewart, to George Clooney, to Rosie O’Donnell—of celebrity lives he’s weighed in on just because he can…

Unfortunately, until there’s a law against spreading Twitter filth, we’ll have to endure the buffoonery.