Donald Trump: PR Genius or Shameless Promoter?

May 12, 2010 By:
Donald Trump: PR Genius or Shameless Promoter?

Donald Trump always seems to be embroiled in controversy. The latest involves Miss America. People are up in arms over a racy new photoshoot in which all of the 2010 contestants posed in sexy lingerie for photographer Fadil Berisha.

Parents Television Council representative Tim Winter expressed his displeasure with the photos. He said, “There has been a growing debate over the line between a beauty pageant and soft-core pornography...and I think this year's pageant not only erases that line, it obliterates it."


A spokesperson for Donald Trump and the Miss Universe Organization disagreed, telling Pop Tarts the photographs are “hot, yet tasteful,” and part of an effort to break the “pageant princess” stereotype.

What’s interesting is that it wasn’t all that long ago that racy photos affected the pageant. Last year, Miss California winner Carrie Prejean lost her crown after topless photos of her surfaced on the Internet. If you remember, Trump came to her defense calling her answer to the gay marriage question "honest" and saying "we have determined ... that the pictures taken are fine."

But that all changed in July when the producers of the Miss Universe pageant de-throned her. And there was also Tara Conner, the 2006 Miss America winner who was photographed drinking underage, and tested positive for the use of cocaine and heroin. She was allowed to retain her title and entered rehab.


Conner says of the new racy photos of this year’s batch of girls, "I really don't know why everyone has their panties in a wad, because it's the same concept. You're seeing the same amount of skin, but all of the goods are covered, so there's really no issue.”

Trump added in an interview with The Insider, "We are in a different age. They are a little bit sexy but I'll tell you what - everybody's watching, so I have no problems with it. If you look at Miss America, it's now off network television - and we're doing better than ever, so I really have no problem with it."

Do you think Donald is sending the right message to young pageant hopefuls by being so complacent with his contestants posing in racy photos? Or is he just doing his job by keeping the Miss America pageant relevant?

You decide!