Donald Trump Hopeful for Struggling Economy

January 30, 2009 By:
Donald Trump Hopeful for Struggling Economy

When you have as much money as Donald Trump, you don't lose sleep over things like the recession. Ok, maybe you do a little bit.

Trump, who has likely lost millions in the market since it crashed, is still hopeful that all will be well in the economy soon.

Hollyscoop caught up with Trump at his Press Conference for "The Girls of Hedsor Hall" where he confessed he was also effected by the struggling economy.

"It effects everybody," Trump told Hollyscoop. "But I would say to people keep your chin up and keep chugging forward. It will all work out!"

He still has enough money to employ half of New York City, so it's no wonder he's so hopeful. But than again, he must have done something right in the last decade, so we'll take his advice.