Donald Trump: Hollywood's Biggest Bully

May 2, 2011 By:
Donald Trump: Hollywood's Biggest Bully

You know you’ve made it in Hollywood when Donald Trump picks a feud with you. Donald Trump is like that kid in grade school that was starved for attention and would creepily watch everyone from his tree house, then pop out from nowhere and slam you.

From Martha Stewart to Charlie Sheen, The Donald seems to watch the world from his underground lair, and then chooses to fight with whoever is trending on Google. Finally, after picking on President Obama, Trump was put in his place.

But don’t worry, Trump always finds a way to save face and maintain his biggest fan—himself. He has a long history of speaking his mind, not considering about how it will affect others, and then being “very proud of himself”.

In 2005, Donald Trump wrote Martha Stewart a scathing letter after she had her own spin-off of The Apprentice:

“It's about time you started taking responsibility for your failed version of The Apprentice. Your performance was terrible in that the show lacked mood, temperament and just about everything else a show needs for success. I knew it would fail as soon as I first saw it -- and your low ratings bore me out.”

A couple of years later, Trump famously fought with Rosie O’Donnell after she claimed he wasn’t “the moral compass for American youth.” Trump’s response was a statement in which he called O’Donnell “disgusting”, “overweight”, and “unattractive both inside and out.”

During the Charlie Sheen meltdown, Trump told the media that he warned Brooke Mueller’s parents not to allow their daughter to marry Charlie Sheen.

“I told the parents: Don't let your daughter marry him. I think he's wonderful, but he's a disaster. Don't let your daughter marry him!"

As a result, Charlie Sheen’s mother, Janet Templeton, wrote in an email:
“Donald needs to stop. We have stayed quiet because it has not been in anyone's best interest to engage the media. It isn't easy to hear credible people spew out lies about Charlie. He has done enough damage to himself and needs no one kicking him while he's down.”

Donald Trump’s extreme candor at least provides for good entertainment, though his targets might not always agree. He claims to have made his fortune in real estate, but I wouldn’t be surprised if most of it was from stealing lunch money. Trump is basically what happens when, against all odds, your childhood bully doesn’t become a depressed, lonely alcoholic. So you’ve got to give him credit for that.

Now I’m just waiting to see whether his next target realizes all that all it takes to defeat The Donald is a brisk wind aimed at his hair.