Donald Sues Over His Name

August 12, 2008 By:
Donald Sues Over His Name

If you're going to use Donald Trump's name for something, you better make sure he gets a nice check from it.

Donald is suing the Morrison Cohen law firm for $5 million for mentioning he was a client on its Web site, reports the New York Post.

"They put my name up all over their ads like I'm in love with them, and I really don't like them," said Trump. "If it was somebody I was happy with, that would be one thing, but I'm not happy with them," Trump added.

In their defense Morrison Cohen lawyer David Scharf claims that they won a multimillion-dollar lawsuit for Donald and that he's just trying to get out of paying.

"He owes our firm about $600,000," Scharf said. Donald is pretty out of shape about the whole situation and wants his name off their site but Morrison Cohen isn't budging. We know how much the Donald hates to lose, so we'll see how this one unfolds!