Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison Are Engaged

August 22, 2011 By:
Cacee Cobb and Donald Faison Are Engaged

Remember CaCee Cobb? Yep, Jessica Simpson's BFF and former personal assistant on “Newlyweds: Nick and Jessica.” Anyways, this girl somehow went from lowly assistant to semi C-List celeb and is now engaged to “Scrubs” actor Donald Faison.

Faison and Cobb made the announcement like any tech savvy 21st century couple, on twitter. Faison tweeted the lyrics to the famous Beyonce song, “If you
Like it then you better put a Ring on it,” tweeted Faison. And I'm sure he wasn't just tweeting the lyrics because he liked it because Cobb tweeted back, “If she likes it then she better say YES!!!” Which is a coy and clever way of saying “we're engaged!”

Hot dayum, we've got a wedding on our hands!! That's how I imagine weddings were announced in “olden times” and western movies.

Jessica Simpson was elated for her friend, “Congratulations, Cacee! I love you and your man!” Simpson tweeted.

In other friends-tweeting-at-friends news, “Scrubs” co-star and bestie Zach Braff congratulated the couple, “Congrats to @donald_faison and @caceecobb on their engagement. Just wish I was there to run around you both with sparklers,” he tweeted.

Cobb and Faison have been together for about 5 years, which is longer than Faison's first marriage. Faison was married to Lisa Askey for about 4 years and they have one child together. This will be Cobb's first marriage.

Cobb was last seen on reality TV in 2010 on Jessica Simpson's short lived VH1 show, “The Price of Beauty.” The show featured Simpson, Cobb and Simpson's hairstylist Ken Paves traveling the world to discover what beauty means in different cultures. Basically Jessica would go to Thailand, take women back to LA and give them ”Hollywood” makeovers, which probably isn't even considered beautiful in their home countries.

Faison first won us over playing Murray in “Clueless” and since “Scrubs,” Faison has done a slew of TV roles including his voice-over work on “Robot Chicken” and his upcoming starring role in new film, “Stag.”

At least Jessica Simpson won't get wedding envy. She's also engaged to her football player fiancé, Eric Johnson, though a wedding date hasn't been set yet. Aww I wonder if either will be in one another's bridal parties. Omigod JOINT WEDDING! Is that a thing? Like when girls throw joint bday parties because they want more people to come, do people have joint weddings? Probably not.

Congratulations to Faison and Cobb. I expect a reality show in the works. Can someone get Bravo on the phone?