Dolly Parton Loses Her Wig Sometimes

May 27, 2011 By:
Dolly Parton Loses Her Wig Sometimes

I know. I was confused too, because Dolly Parton is the most natural-looking human being I’ve ever seen. But apparently, she has a wig, and it often gets caught in things.

“One time I was riding a bicycle with my best friend and I hadn't pinned my wig on that well. We went to this little grove with an overhanging tree. As I cycled under it, I saw her crying with laughter,” Parton said in a recent interview.

"I turned around and there was my hair hanging from a branch. I had to quickly turn around and snatch my hair off the tree."

But it doesn’t end there. Parton says she once lost “her” hair during a show.

“My fiddle player got his bow stuck in my hair. Every time he played a note, I could feel my hair piece lifting up. I was fighting to keep it on."

That actually makes me want to go to a Dolly Parton show. Parton also says she finds it difficult to play guitar because she wears false nails.

“I've always been able to play with them. Of course, I do my best playing when I take off these acrylic nails but I have learned how to work it with them on. My right hand is fine, they're like picks but it's my left hand I have to be careful with. I can do it through plenty of years of practice."

Parton also recently said in an interview with Ellen DeGeneres that she’s always ready, wearing makeup at all times, even when she sleeps. Perpetual makeup, fake nails, breasts, and hair? At this point, she might as well just wear a Dolly Parton Halloween mask. It’d be a lot easier and probably looks pretty accurate.