DMX Gets His Own Reality Show

August 21, 2008 By:
DMX Gets His Own Reality Show

has gotten arrested too many times to count this year, so to bring us all up to speed, he's getting his own reality show that will chronicle his many legal battles. That's America for ya! Rewarding the dregs of society!

According to, DMX: This Life Of Mine will follow him as he attempts to rehabilitate himself after his series of arrests. Guess they're going to have to put shooting on hold for a little while, since DMX is currently behind bars after missing a court date earlier this month.

In a statement, DMX says: "In many ways, my life has been an open book. I haven't always been the one writing the story. With this show, however, people will get to see and hear with their own eyes and ears what really goes on in my life and I think they'll come to understand me a little bit better with each episode."

It sounds like he's trying to defend his arrests! We don't know about this one…Will you tune in?