MTV Moving Forward with DJ AM Reality Series

September 24, 2009 By:
MTV Moving Forward with DJ AM Reality Series

When DJ AM passed away, MTV execs were left with hours and hours of footage from his docu-series Gone too Far and didn't know whether or not it would be appropriate to air it.

Gone too Far is an “Intervention” style series, with AM playing a sober and experienced guide for troubled addicts.

MTV wasn't sure they were going to air it after he passed because AM was supposed to serve a sober coach for these addicts.

The network refuses to comment on the status of the show just yet, but sources at MTV claim that studio bosses believe the show could successfully relay his anti-drug message if they air it.

Eight episodes of Gone too Far were shot, three days before his body was discovered on August 28 of an apparent drug overdose.

Just days before his body was discovered in his New York apartment. AM’s AA sponsor convinced him to go back to rehab, but AM wanted to wait until he finished his gig in Vegas that weekend. Unfortunately he passed away a few days later and never made it to rehab.

The show’s original premiere date was Oct. 5, though launching that soon seems unlikely at this point. Would you still want to see the series although it seems fairly hypocritical?