Learjet Denies Responsibility For Travis & DJ AM Crash

January 22, 2009 By:
Learjet Denies Responsibility For Travis & DJ AM Crash

Things are starting to get ugly with the lawsuits against the Learjet crash that Travis Barker and DJ AM survived. The company has just denied all responsibility for the September 20th crash that killed all of the remaining passengers.

Learjet released a statement saying, "Learjet alleges that any and all conditions if any there were, were solely a result of the failure to properly maintain and service the aircraft.”

Travis Barker, DJ AM, Still's mother and Baker's widow have all filed wrongful death lawsuits.

Learjet responded by saying that the damages suffered by the plaintiffs were "either excessive, exaggerated, unreasonable, speculative, inflated or otherwise unnecessary and/or unrelated to the alleged incident."

Spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board Peter Knudson tells People magazine, "It is far too early to say who or what is to blame for the crash.” He also mentioned that these investigations can take up to a year.

But Travis Barker's lawyer Walter J. Lack is retaliating against the company, saying, "Learjet's lawyers get paid by the hour to regurgitate stock paragraphs from word processing programs in every case they're involved in. This case is no exception."

It’s such a sad situation, and its terrible that it always has to come down to money. But it seems like the only way for the families of the deceased to get a little closure out of the whole thing.