DJ AM's Girlfriend Slams Reports That They Split

September 1, 2009 By:
DJ AM's Girlfriend Slams Reports That They Split

Since the death of DJ AM, there’s been speculation that he was depressed over the recent breakup with his girlfriend. He’d been dating 22-year old American Apparel model Hayley Wood.

A source had told People that “he hadn’t been in a good place” after the break-up, which had reportedly occurred in recent weeks.

“She ended it, and he didn’t want it to end,” the source told the mag. “The break-up hurt him. For the past week, he wasn’t really around, he was keeping to himself, and he was blowing people off.”

She’s now come forward to negate the rumors, saying they had never broken up. She tells Us Weekly, “Any indication that this horribly tragic accident happened because of a rumored breakup is not only untrue but disgusting. We were very much together at the time of his passing, and I love him very much.”

There’s no word on whether Hayley was one of the reported people who had tried to contact DJ AM during his last days. This must be a very hard time for her.

As for DJ AM’s body, it’s currently been flown to LA for his burial. A source says he will be buried this Thursday.