DJ AM's Estate Sues Jet Co. for Wrongful Death

November 13, 2009 By:
DJ AM's Estate Sues Jet Co. for Wrongful Death

DJ AM’s estate has just sued for wrongful death against the charter jet company Adam Goldstein was on when it suddenly crashed in September 2008, and burst into flames.

According to legal papers obtained by TMZ, the estate blames Clay Lacy Aviation for AM’s death. The papers read: "the crash ultimately caused Adam Goldstein's death."

The suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, notes DJ AM was forced to take various drugs as a result of the burns he suffered, along with the emotional distress.

Autopsy results concluded that AM died because of a combination of various prescription drugs, along with cocaine. Sources close to him also said after the crash, AM became very afraid of flying, and was forced to take drugs to calm his nerves when he flew.

In addition to Clay Lacy Aviation, DJ AM's estate is suing the travel service, Goodyear Tire, Learjet and the estates of the two pilots who were killed in the crash.

While this may be an unexpected lawsuit, we completely understand the reasoning for AM’s estate to take it on. It was a devastating and life-altering event that ended up killing Adam Goldstein. They’re just trying to get the justice Adam would have wanted if he were still alive.