DJ AM Was Heading to Rehab Hours Before His Death

September 1, 2009 By:
DJ AM Was Heading to Rehab Hours Before His Death

There’s a shocking new revelation in the death of DJ AM. Today we’ve learned that AM was intending to check back into rehab just hours before his death.

According to the NY Post, AM’s recent erratic behavior in the last few weeks had been so bad that it prompted his manager and his recovery sponsor to fly out to New York from LA to confront him at his apartment in SoHo Thursday morning.

According to the report, when they arrived, AM refused to see his manager, but allowed the sponsor inside. Sources say he lit up his crack pipe right in front of him, but eventually agreed to check into a rehab facility in California right after his scheduled gig at the Palms in Vegas on Friday.

When AM missed his flight and didn’t return friends’ phone calls, that’s when they called police to have them enter his apartment. Sources tell The Post AM’s apartment was littered with small plastic bags filled with painkillers Vicodin and oxycodone and anti-anxiety medications Xanax and lorazepam.

This is so sad. AM’s friends obviously knew there was a problem, but it seems they were just a little too late. We’ll have to wait for the toxicology report to know if he did indeed die of an overdose, but that’s what it seems like as of now.