Dita von Teese Made Big Bucks Stripping

October 11, 2008 By:
Dita von Teese Made Big Bucks Stripping

What is Dita Von Teeseknown for? She's known to put on sexy burlesque shows and that's about it.

Well, she has taken that one talent and made a lot of money doing what she does best, taking her clothes off!

Dita started taking her close off in her teens when she worked as a stripper. Even then she was making serious cash!

She says, "I was working as a go-go dancer in nightclubs just out of high school. I was under age. I was only 18.

"Then I started stripping and I worked five times a week, sometimes six. In the early nineties I was easily making a thousand or $1,500 a night. I was making a lot of money."

Great, now young girls are gonna think stripping is the easy way to make money instead of working an actual job.