What To Watch On TV: Wednesday Edition

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Pushing Daisies @ 8pm
There are few actors better equipped to slip into the surreal comedic world of this series than Paul Reubens. So it's a perfect fit when the man known for playing Pee-wee Herman shows up in tonight's episode as Oscar Vibenius, a renowned scent expert. Oscar is more than a little concerned when his assistant is found dead from an apparent scratch-and-sniff-book explosion. Lucky for him, Ned, Chuck and Emerson are on the case, looking to uncover the identity of this brazen book bomber.

America's Next Top Model @ 8pm
The overseas-travel episode is always one of the season's highlights. Tonight the six remaining models fly to China and move into a ritzy Shanghai penthouse. After body-movement lessons by a martial-arts expert, the gals pose in midair on high wires. Sounds tough, but that's nothing compared to shooting a cosmetics commercial in which the ladies must not only look fabulous but also speak well. And after last week, fans know that isn't one of Heather's strengths. Let's cheer her on and hope she gets it together!

Project Runway @ 10pm
"Life is too short to have on a bad outfit." Those enlightened words of wisdom, spoken by contestant Kit "Pistol" Scarbo in last week's season opener, kind of crystallize the essence of this series, really. Last week, life was too short for Simone, a likable woman failed in the season's very first elimination challenge. Rami proved he really worthy of making Jessica Alba a dress. He is def. a top contender, expect to see him on the finale runway. Tonight the designers meet a major fashion icon as they continue their epic quest to create great outfits. Because, hey, life is too short.

Dirty Sexy Money @ 10pm
If Lisa doesn't leave Nick by the end of the season, then she'll officially become the most understanding spouse on television. That becomes clearer every week, and tonight's episode is no different with Nick being hustled out of his own family's Thanksgiving festivities to handle Darling business. The urgent job involves setting up a meeting between Tripp and Simon Elder, but that doesn't mean Letitia won't use the opportunity to help Karen try to seduce Nick. Then there's the opposite of Lisa — Patrick's not-so-understanding spouse. She's demanding a meeting with his transsexual mistress.
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