Courtney Cox Gets The Dirt On Socialites

February 21, 2008 By:
Courtney Cox Gets The Dirt On Socialites

We reported last month that Courtney Cox plans on using Britney Spears as a subject matter for an episode of her show Dirt. But she's not the only starlet getting exposed this season.

Cox has combined gal pals Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie to create a high-living, party-girl character Milan Carlton. I love the name! In the second season premiere of Dirt on March 8th, the socialite character is arrested for driving the wrong way on a freeway, a crime that "Wrong Way Richie" was punished for.

Carlton also leads the paparazzi on a hair-raising chase through Hollywood, something Britney's famous for. Cox, who is also the series executive producer, says, "You're gonna be able to identify these characters pretty easily. We're just poking fun and hopefully no one will get their feelings hurt."

Despite some reckless behavior, these girls have been pretty good about letting smack talk roll off their shoulders. Britney's the only one that really gets caught up in it anymore.