VIDEO: Dina Lohan Is A Trainwreck In New Dr. Phil Promo

September 13, 2012 By:
VIDEO: Dina Lohan Is A Trainwreck In New Dr. Phil Promo

Dina Lohan will appear on Dr. Phil on September 17, 2012 to talk about why she’s the “worst mom” in Hollywood and to look back fondly on Lindsay’s legal history. Set your DVR’s - this is better than if Tan Mom and Honey Boo Boo took a vacation in Kim Kardashians tanning bed.

I don’t know what kind of prescription strength cocktail is required to produce this interview, but it’s bad. Lindsay Lohan’s legal woes look like a bicycle crash compared to the trainwreck that is this Dina Lohan interview.

Dina is slurring her words and laying sideways on the couch, basically grasping the chair for her life.

“Look at you, you’re in your little tie and your little shoes,” she bizarrely tells Dr. Phil.

What can that mean?

“Was she drinking before she did your interview?” Michael Lohan asks Dr. Phil in the same interview via satellite.

Other gems from the promo include when Dr. Phil accused her of “fliting” around.

“Oh, stop, I’m not fliting around,” Dina shouts, “I’ve been scrutinized by you people.”

Props on the use of “scrutinized.” Maybe she isn’t drunk?

Finally, Dr. Phil rattles off a list of all of Lindsay Lohan’s “accomplishments,” and by that I mean, her DUIs, accidents, arrests, and jail time.

“If she was living in NY, five of them would be obsolete,” says Dina as if that makes it better.