Dianna Agron Dishes On Friendship With Taylor Swift

November 14, 2012 By:
Dianna Agron Dishes On Friendship With Taylor Swift


Dianna Agron is a multi-talented singer, dancer, and actress AND can list Taylor Swift as one of her best friends.

If you’ve heard T-Swift's new album, the song “22” is rumored to be dedicated to Dianna, Selena Gomez, and her friends Ashley Avignone, and Claire Kislinger.

Well, we couldn’t miss an opportunity to chat with Dianna and NOT ask her about the song.

When asked if Taylor dedicated “22” to her, Dianna says, “I cant speak for her, but yeah [it is].”

As for her friend Taylor, she says they spend their hang-outs doing “girl stuff” and says she’s a fan of “Red,” “I love her new album, I’m so proud of her.”

We chatted with Dianna about Nintendo’s new “Play As Your Are” Campaign which is an awesome new series of games for the Nintendo 3DS which are aimed at people who don’t usually play video games.

Although Dianna says she “grew up playing Nintendo with my brother,” she loves new “games” like Art Academy: Lessons for Everyone! which teaches you how to become the next Picasso.

“With Nintendo 3DS it’s so advanced, you can pursue your artistic endeavors or puzzles solving,” Dianna tells us, “You have art forms in all mediums. You can go on your computer and make art, you can go on Nintendo 3DS and make art, it’s not limited to the mediums it used to be. It’s all across the board.”

Some of Dianna’s artistic pursuits include “Glee” which she recently left but will return for one episode this season.

On filming this special homecoming episode, Dianna told us, “It was amazing. I was so excited to see everyone and it was so touching to see how excited people were to see me as well. [It was] so hard to be away from something that was four years of your life.”