Diablo Cody Spread Her Own Naked Photos

February 29, 2008 By:
Diablo Cody Spread Her Own Naked Photos

What's the best way to celebrate an Oscar win? Leak your own naked photos, duh!

The day after Diablo Cody scored herself an Oscar for 'Best Screenplay' for the movie "Juno," naked pictures of the former stripper spread like wildfire on the internet. And according to her Myspace blog, Cody was behind the leak. Here's what she had to say:


Hey! Did you guys hear about the "nude" (except not really) pics I voluntarily posted on the Internet myself? What a tantalizing "scoop!" Seriously, I thought nudity was only a scandal if it the photos were leaked by some crumb-bum rat or vengeful ex. I personally put my vag out there with pride, ladies and gents. And you bet your ass I'd do it again if the Beef Council would cough up the proper endorsement money.

Bitches are lucky I don't get naked now. I'm built for comfort these days. However, tempt me long enough and I just might drop 'em...

She adds: "They can dress me up, they can give me awards, they can coach me on the right responses, and they can sand the callouses off my giant [bleep]ing feet, but I will always be me. And I will never be ashamed."


Academy Award Winner Diablo Cody


Cody has it all wrong! She's supposed to leak her own photos/sex tape then play the victim and pretend someone else leaked it. She's obviously new to Hollywood!