Dexter: The Dark Defender

October 29, 2007 By:
Dexter: The Dark Defender

After a couple episodes of soaking in this sort of fair weather gossip-y admiration, Dexter Morgan finds himself at a crime scene in a comic shop staring up at poster of an upcoming serial that is based on the Bay Harbor Butcher himself. It's called The Dark Defender, and suddenly Dexter drifts off and finds himself in some superhero fantasy world where he's actually saving his mothers life. (Whom he saw being butchered in front of him as a kid.) Is this how people see him? As a Dark Defender protecting the city from the evil that surrounds it?

And then the dominos start to fall. At a meeting he tells Lila about his mother, something he has never told anyone. Of course Lila being the good sponsor, and great tease that she is, convinces Dexter to face one of the men, Jiminez, that is not only directly responsible for the death of his mother, but is still alive and free under the guise of witness protection. This person is the reason why Dexter is the way he is. As Dexter inevitably says to Jiminez (before he almost kills him), "You stole my life."

We find out a little about Lila's past. She had a junkie boyfriend/dealer who was abusive. One day she was strung out and fed up burning the house down with him in it. She went to NA right after. Dexter tells her that what she did was justified, but Lila already knew that.

In a very shocking reveal, we find out that Dexter's mom, Laura Mosley, had an affair with Harry. It turns out that she was involved is some cocaine police sting led by Harry that obviously went horribly wrong. The guilt that Harry had must've been unbearable. And of course as Dexter surmised, the fact that Harry took great pains in hiding this from the traumatized boy, was more to cover Harry's ass than to protect Dexter himself.

Getting back to investigation, Lundy and the crew have put 24-hour surveillance on 3 docks they attribute to the algae and rocks. There is still this weird connection that is seemingly happening between Deb and Lundy. Is Lundy interested in her? Or is he a very smart man, using Deb to get to Dexter? Let your heads wrap around that one.

With the Rita storyline, her mother obviously doesn't like Dexter, and is moving in with her and the kids. That'll be interesting.

We also find out that Doakes and Laguerta were once more than just work colleagues. I don't know if that is something that may become relevant later on?

But the final scene shows how sloppy Dexter has become. How far away he's moved from Harry's code. Seriously? Cleaning up bloody residue on his boat at night?

We'll see what happens next week.