Dexter: That Night, A Forest Grew

November 12, 2007 By:
Dexter: That Night, A Forest Grew

This is show is getting more and more interesting every week. Dexter is being more manipulative with the investigation, sending a fake manifesto to a local Miami newspaper. Our illustrious protagonist also has a bone to pick with Doakes, who is snooping a little too much for his comfort into Dexter's past. (Or the lack of it, making Doakes himself more suspicious than ever of Dex).

It turns out Lila's real addiction is being a pyro. (Should have seen that coming) When Dexter snubbed hanging out with her in order to see Rita's son give a school presentation, Lila became super jealous. We get a sense that Dexter suspects something about Lila at the end. I have a feeling that Lila probably won't last past this season if you catch my drift.

Rita finally kicks her mom out. Deb and Lundy share their first kiss, although I still wonder if there is something up his sleeve. But the big break in the case came when Lundy figured out that the Bay Harbor Butcher had to be a cop.

How far will he get? We'll see how far he gets with Deb first, right?