Dexter Still Interesting

November 5, 2007 By:
Dexter Still Interesting

All I can say is WOW...what an episode! Dexter continues to delve into the mysterious relationship between his bio mother and foster father by going over the audio tapes from interrogations 20 years ago.

He begins to question his father's motives for adopting him and begins a journey to find the real Dexter. After a blow up with nosy Sgt. Doakes, Dex has steamy and angry sex with Lila. There was so much passion in that scene I felt like lighting a cigarette afterwards! Later Rita finds out there is more between Dex and Lila than sponsor and sponsee leading to their break up.

In the background, a copycat Bay Harbor killer is caught- by Dex and he is able to erase the recording of his suspicious activity. Next week we should some progress of looming romance between Debra and Agent Lundy.

Well, Lundy is a bit old for her but should be helpful for Dex in the event he is caught later in the season. Can't wait for next week to see if Lila and Dex stick together!