Dexter: See-Through

October 23, 2007 By:
Dexter: See-Through

Could it be that Dexter Morgan, serial killer of serial killers, is about to be found out because of algae? Well Masuka has certainly convinced the investigating team of that fact. And Dexter, again, finds himself running to keep ahead of the investigation into the "Bay Harbor Butcher", while at the same time letting himself be consumed by, what he and his new, hot, and accent-laden artist sponsor Lila call, the "Dark Messenger".

Rita is still her new controlling self; of course it's completely understandable why with the death of her ex-husband and all. Obviously, she is jealous of Lila, but doesn't want to make it too obvious because Dexter is indeed going to meetings for his "heroin addiction."

This episode was unique in that it was the first since last season that had a completely different Doakes storyline that dealt with his Special Ops past. It seems that the more we learn about Doakes, the more we wonder if he indeed found out about Dexter, would he actually sympathize with him a little?

Debra Morgan and Lundy seemed to have had a moment. Don't know how much to read into that. And thankfully the Pascall storyline is done.

The biggest thing to look forward to next week, even beyond the algae-covered rocks, is the Lila/ Dexter relationship and how that develops. Who is Lila? And who is her dark messenger? That remains to be seen.