'Dexter' Season Premiere Arrives With New Energy and a New Partner in Crime

October 1, 2012 By:
'Dexter' Season Premiere Arrives With New Energy and a New Partner in Crime

The blood is back!

Season 7 of the Showtime series “Dexter” kicked off on Sunday, surprising fans with an exciting boost of adrenaline-packed thrills. Along with giving the aging series a much-needed kick in the pants, writers seemed to give the charismatic killer a partner in crime… His cop sister, Deb.

The episode opens with Dexter Morgan, seemingly on the run from Debra Morgan (Jennifer Carpenter), who discovered his dark secret at the cliffhanger of the Season 6 finale.

Michael C. Hall dashes with a getaway bag to the airport in an futile attempt at one-way ticket to Budapest when all his credit cards are declined.

Soon we learn that Dex is not fleeing the country but searching for Ukrainian mobster, Victor, who killed cop Mike Anderson (Billy Brown). He kills the victim in the unclaimed baggage room of the airport and sets himself up for problems with the mob in the future.

This all turns out to be a flash-forward, craftily inserted in the intro to catch viewers off guard…

The real story of the premiere is brother-sister relationship with Dexter and Deb. When she walks in on a crime scene of her brother standing over Travis Marshall’s dead body.

Thinking on his feet, Dex writes off the incident as a one-time thing, blaming it on his anger from his dead wife Rita. He also convinces Deb to help make the incident look like a suicide and torch the place.

What a good sister, huh?

Trouble arrives when LaGuerta discovers a slide of Travis’ blood while examining the scene that Dex left behind in his hasty attempt to tidy up. The slide is associated with the Bay Harbor Butcher, which LaGuerta vows to find the true identity of.

Lots of problems and a whole season to solve them… And, just like that, Showtime has reeled us back in.