Eva Longoria's Not Leaving TV

April 22, 2008 By:
Eva Longoria's Not Leaving TV

There's been rumors of Eva Longoria leaving TV for some time now. The talk around town was that she was leaving television to concentrate on her growing movie career.

Television is what made Eva Longoria a household name so why would she leave? That's exactly what she's thinking too. The Desperate Hottie has shot down rumors saying that she's gonna be around for some time.

She tells Heat Magazine, "I would be insane to do that. I'm of the opinion that the show will still be running for another five years, at least. Marc Cherry (creator) has all these incredible ideas and plot twists planned for the coming years, and I'm convinced the show will be a success as long as he's involved."

Eva currently has two upcoming projects aside from her tv show so why not do it all right? Good thinking Eva!