Desperate Housewives Coming to End

August 11, 2010 By:
Desperate Housewives Coming to End

Is it the end of Wisteria Lane? Desperate Housewives has been on the air since 2004, but slowly declining in the ratings. Hollyscoop spoke with James Denton ( Mike Delfino) who told us EXCLUSIVELY if the show is coming to an end.

"Right now all we have is this year and next year," Denton told us.

This comes just months after the ABC drama hit its all-time low on the network in April. Denton explained, "All of the actors are signed just through next year. Yeah, nobody’s signed beyond eleven (2011)."

"Yeah, this is it," he went on. "Unless they can renegotiate, this will be the last season. So, I don’t think it that’s going to be an issue. I think everybody is happy to have jobs and are really grateful."

Denton says the show is all dependent on the female cast members. "We have to get the women," Denton told us. "It’s like re- negotiating with athletes. You have to get the women locked up first but uh, we are pretty confident to at least have this year and next year."

In particular, Denton especially values his TV relationship with Teri Hatcher, who plays Susan on the show. "Thank god for Teri Hatcher," Denton told us. "Our relationship has put my kids through college.

Kidding aside, Denton says he's just enjoying the time he has with the cast. "We are a family now," he said. "After working on the pilot, it’s been 8 years. So we are all really good friends."

But he also says it's tough to lose cast members, like Nicolette Sheridan, who left the show on bad terms last year. "We lose some every year. That’s really kind of sad. And it’s hard. But to those of us who are still there. Three guys; Doug Savant, Ricardo, and myself are still you know holding down the fort. They haven’t killed us off yet. So you know those of us who are still there are really thankful for the work in this economy and just having a really good time," he said.

Every show eventually has to end, even the good ones! So is it Desperate Housewives' turn? Tell us in the comments!