Derek Jeter Sells Off $15.5 Mil Penthouse in Trump Tower

October 11, 2012 By:
Derek Jeter Sells Off $15.5 Mil Penthouse in Trump Tower

The MLB superstar is lining his corner of the locker room today with dollar bills.

While Alex Rodriguez struggles desperately to live up to his $32 million contract in the playoffs, life is coming way too easy for Derek Jeter. The New York Yankees shortstop has sold his NYC penthouse pad in Trump World Tower for a large stack of bills.

According to New York’s Daily News the Yankee sold the property for $15.5 million to Brazilian magnate Silvio Luiz Reichert. He was originally asking $20 mil.

The unit’s spread is the epitome of bachelor pads - A four-bedroom layout with a billiards/video game room, a wet bar and the interior décor of a Hampton Inn.

I can only imagine how many horny co-eds have been given the tour of this mannish piece of property. (“You ladies want to see my trophy room?”)

Though, there are a small handful of positive features included in the penthouse.

There’s a piano lounge, a 77-foot long entertaining space and a formal dining area with a 14-seat table… What, did the whole team come over for lunch?

The property comes with a wood-burning fireplace, dark hardwood floors throughout and remote controlled entertainment system, lights and window shades.

Oh, yeah… and endless views of New York City lining each of the 16-foot high walls.

According to the report, Jeter wants to “downsize” to just his small unit in NYC and a second home in Tampa, Florida.

Meanwhile, his teammate A-Rod isn’t just striking out at the plate. He’s not doing much better in the real estate world either, reportedly not able to unload his $38 million Miami home.

He’ll have plenty of him time to come up with a new strategy though… Sitting on the bench.

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