Derek Hough Wants to Stay at the Top on DWTS

April 6, 2010 By:
Derek Hough Wants to Stay at the Top on DWTS

Derek Hough and Nicole Scherzinger are the ones to beat this season on Dancing with the Stars. The two have wowed us in the first two weeks of the competition, and now the couple’s goal is to stay on top!

Hollyscoop spoke with professional dancer Derek Hough and asked him what challenges he and partner Nicole are facing the most. “This whole season is a big challenge,” he explained. “I think the biggest challenge is doing well in the beginning and now it’s just trying to stay up there.”

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Even though Derek is in his sixth season of DWTS, he doesn’t feel like he has a leg up on the competition. His mantra? “Take one dance and one week at a time. Do your best and try not to worry too much about what other people are doing or thinking. Get in your own world and try to stay there,” he said.

Many people are already putting their money on Derek and Nicole to win the whole thing, but he thinks otherwise. He told us. “I think we have a chance as far as the dancing goes. The show in the past is not really all about that, it has so many different elements. People have to want to fall in love with you and want to vote for you. I have gotten three tens and went home that same week. It’s really about what the audience at home wants and loves.”

They’re so fun to watch! And we definitely think they'll stick around for a while.