Denzel Washington to Play President Obama in Biopic

July 24, 2009 By:
Denzel Washington to Play President Obama in Biopic

Denzel Washington has reportedly landed the role of President Barack Obama in a new movie and he couldn't be more thrilled about the news!

Denzel has expressed his desire to play Obama for months now, but he was scared the movie would take so long to launch, he would be too old to portray him.

Luckily for Denzel, and us, the movie has gotten the green light and Denzel will play our new President...on the big screen.

When asked about his new role, Denzel joked, "It was at the President's suggestion. The only problem is he has bigger ears than me."

There aren't any details surrounding the movie yet, like titles or release dates, but we are certain that Denzel has been casted to play Obama. Who do you think should play his leading lady? Do you think Denzel was a good choice to play Obama?