Dennis Rodman Skips Out on Another Bill

May 12, 2009 By:
Dennis Rodman Skips Out on Another Bill

Why restaurants agree to give Dennis Rodman dinner reservations is beyond us. In the last week Rodman has skipped out on two bills, both of which were over a $1000!

Last week him and his entourage walked out on a $1,000 bill at the Gansevoort South in Miami, and just one day later, he pulled the same trick at restaurant Philippe at the same hotel, Page Six has learned.

"He was so wasted he couldn't carry a sentence," said one witness. After consuming $1,500 in dinner and drinks, "Dennis sneaks, or I should say stumbled, out of the restaurant. Then, his friends start leaving . . . until the manager picked up on it and presented the bill to the last three guests at the table."

Of course the last three members of his entourage refused to pay the bill, so police had to be called. After they arrived, the bill was finally paid, but Rodman was nowhere to be found.

What happened to him going to an outpatient rehab facility? Is his idea of "outpatient" going out and getting wasted and skipping out on bills? Someone really needs to put this guy in his place.

An arrest seems overdue. What do you guys think? Is he out of line, or do you just expect this kind of behavior from him?