Dennis Rodman Checks Into Rehab

May 4, 2009 By:
Dennis Rodman Checks Into Rehab

Former basketball star Dennis Rodman has finally agreed to go to rehab to battle his demons.

Rodman has refused to seek help for his long-running battle against alcohol addiction, but friends and family have finally convinced him that it's necessary.

His former basketball coach Phil Jackson even had to intervene, by joining his family and asking that he gets the help he desperately needs.

They originally wanted him to join an around-the-clock rehab facility, but he refused. They compromised on an out patient program instead.

His rep tells EOnline, "We all know how amazing he is when sober and we hope he gets there soon... He will be in New York City for the (Celebrity Apprentice) finale next Sunday."

Sounds like he's pretty hesitant to get help. If he doesn't recognize that he has a problem, forcing him to go to rehab isn't going to be the best solution. Either way, we're hoping the treatment center can get through to him and he can emerge from it sober and healthy.