Dennis Quaid's Wife Files for Divorce

March 9, 2012 By:
Dennis Quaid's Wife Files for Divorce

Dennis Quaid and his wife Kimberly Buffington-Quaid have called it quits, and this isn’t one of those “irreconcilable differences” type deals.

Kimberly filed the divorce petition citing, “the marriage has become insupportable because of discord or conflict of personalities…that destroys the legitimate ends of the marriage relationship and prevents any reasonable expectation of reconciliation.”

Woa, that’s a lot of big words that basically means…Splitzville.

Kimberly is asking for spousal support and they have a temporary order which gives Kimberly the house and the Mercedes, while Dennis gets the condo, the Cadillac and the Escalade.

However, they do have a Range Rover and the temporary custody order says, “The parties shall cooperate with one another in using the Range Rover…”’

What? So like, does Dennis get the car on even numbered Wednesdays and full moons?

Kimberly is asking for spousal support and wants all community assets to be fairly divided, but Dennis is saying “Hell no!” He wants her to get nothing.

The temporary order also states that they cannot say anything “vulgar, profane, obscene or indecent,” to one another.

Seems to be a pretty tough split, except for that Range Rover. Gotta stay together for that Range Rover.

The two were married in 2004 and have two kids together who are now four years old.

This is Dennis’s third marriage. He divorced actress P.J. Soles in 1983, and then married Meg Ryan and divorced her in 2001. Kimberly was his third wife and you know what they say…4th times the charm? Ok, nobody say that. Hey, at least he has the Escalade.