Dennis Hopper Dead

May 29, 2010 By:
Dennis Hopper Dead

Dennis Hopper has passed away after losing his battle with prostate cancer. He was 74.

The actor died at his Venice, California home after suffering from complications due to his disease. He was surrounded by his friends and family during his final moments.

Hopper was best known for directing and starring in the 1969 cult classic Easy Rider. He was a two time Oscar nominee who had been in over 100 films.

He is survived by four children, Marin, Henry and Ruthiana and seven-year-old daughter Galen.

Most recently, Hopper was in the news for his legal battles with his ex-wife. He was trying to keep her out of his will. Hopper had filed for a restraining order against his wife of 14 years Victoria Duffy.

RIP Dennis Hopper!