Denise Richards vs. Charlie Sheen Round XV

March 6, 2008 By:
Denise Richards vs. Charlie Sheen Round XV

Denise Richards needs to shut her mouth and Charlie Sheen needs to seriously move on with his life. Hollywood’s most bitter ex's are at it again and this time Denise is doing the bashing.

Talking to In Touch magazine, Denise says, "This is the first time I've publicly commented on one of his attacks, but I need to take a stand at some point. He's such an angry person. This court battle wasn't about our girls on the show, it was him battling me. He wasn't trying to protect the kids at all."

She adds, "He lost. So now he wants my show to fail."

At this point, we all want your stupid reality show to fail so we don't have to hear about you guys anymore. Come on, your adults! Your little children are going to grow up and read all the nasty things you say about each other. Some people seriously don't understand the concept of being civil--even for their children’s sake. It's really sad!