Denise Richards to Testify in Charlie Sheen Assault Case

March 1, 2010 By:
Denise Richards to Testify in Charlie Sheen Assault Case

Denise Richards may be called to court to testify in ex hubby Charlie Sheen's upcoming trial against new wife Brooke Mueller.

As you may recall Charlie got himself into some trouble after he allegedly assaulted Brooke during the holidays. He's due in an Aspen court later this month after he gets out of rehab.

In 2005, Richards accused Sheen of assaulting her and if asked to appear, she may have to recall her version of events to the court. At the time she claimed Charlie, “Pushed me, shoving me with his two hands between my shoulders. I was forced backwards and tripped over one of the children’s toys and fell on the floor with Lola.”

According to reports, Brooke and Charlie had both been heavily drinking and doing drugs the night of the assault. Brooke has been to rehab at least five times to treat her addiction to crack cocaine and Charlie has also had his fair share of rehab stints.

At this point it's hard to believe who is at fault. Did Brooke attack Charlie first? Did Charlie really threaten to kill his wife? The only thing we're certain of is that these two need some major therapy and we truly feel bad for their children.