Denise Richards to Santa Charlie: Show Me the Money

December 22, 2010 By:
Denise Richards to Santa Charlie: Show Me the Money

Denise Richards gets some hefty alimony and child support checks every month from ex hubby Charlie Sheen, but apparently when it comes to the holidays she expects him to become a very generous Santa.

Denise admits their two daughters still believe in Santa and if they ask for small gifts, she's more than happy to buy them but if they want anything too expensive, it's coming out of Charlie's wallet.

“They’ve made their list,” says Denise, 39. “They want a lot of stuff like a little pink car each that they can drive.

“But for those bigger items I’m like, ‘Maybe Santa can bring those to your dad’s house.’ They have so many lists going but it’s fun. I love that they believe in Santa.”

I bet Denise is asking Santa Charlie for a gift too. Something along the lines of a nice check for keeping her mouth shut about the NYC hooker incident. Make it out to cash Santa, thanks.