Denise Richards Says Charlie Sheen Is 'Like My Brother'

January 18, 2012 By:
Denise Richards Says Charlie Sheen Is 'Like My Brother'

Kids, say hello to Uncle Father!

Denise Richards and Charlie Sheen recently went vacationing together, and they seem to be a relatively normal family. Except for the following: an ugly divorce, him calling her Denise POORards, a massive meltdown stemming from an intense drug problem, that little hotel incident that involved at least two prostitutes.

Other than that, they’re like the Waltons!

“We’ve actually become like brother and sister, we really have,” Richards told Access Hollywood. “We’ve become very, very good friends and we wanted to have a trip with our daughters…We actually get along.”

The two are parents to Sam, 7 and Lola 6.

The secret to their now healthy relationship?

“If you’re divorced, it’s no longer about you anymore.”

That’s right, he’s free to do whatever he wants with another woman. Which is usually holding her at knifepoint.

She also says the key is “making it about the kids. You have to be the bigger person and make it about the kids and so that’s what we’re doing.”

“It’s our ‘Modern Family,’ I suppose,” Denise recently said. “Things are good. It was for the kids and it was a nice trip for all of us.”

Richards recently adopted another little girl, Eloise.

“I love being a mom more than anything and I just knew that I wasn’t done and Eloise found me another way. She’s just such a blessing to me and my family,” Denise said.