Denise Richards Is Not A Man Stealer

April 4, 2008 By:
Denise Richards Is Not A Man Stealer

Denise Richards is on the cover of Shape this month, and she opens up about her new reality show, her very public divorce, and getting bad press. Seems like she wanted to set the record straight and get some positive press before her TV show kicks off. Here are some tidbits from the interview.

About putting her daughters in her reality show:

"I've been criticized for putting my daughters on the show. But my daughters are my life. How could I do a show about my life without them? I want the show to be real. There's been so much stuff written about me. I want people to make their own judgments and their own decisions."

About stealing Heather's man:

"I can't tell you how hurtful it was to read this in the press. I would never steal another woman's husband. Period. And I will say this: If Heather and I really were friends, I would never have gotten together with Richie. She was not my best friend. And we were not friends when I started dating him."

About her public divorce from Charlie:
"I filed court papers that then became public. I called Charlie and asked him, 'Why do you have to air our dirty laundry? Why did you have to bash me? Why can't you just say it's a private matter?' In the end, it's the girls who suffer. I just want them to have a good relationship with their dad."