Denise Richards: I'm Too Old For Charlie Sheen

August 4, 2011 By:
Denise Richards: I'm Too Old For Charlie Sheen

Denise Richards is talking about Charlie Sheen again. This is her only claim to fame anymore. Being the ex-wife of a lunatic. Seriously. Her E! True Hollywood Story is now a Charlie Sheen documentary.

Richards was recently interviewed by Piers Morgan, and when asked whether she would ever consider a reconciliation, Richards said:

"That door is closed. I think he and I are better as friends and having our daughters. I'm way too old for him now. I'm way past his age range."

Too old, or too sane? Or not porn-y enough? Either way, Denise Richards is way out of Charlie Sheen's league, and she probably was from the very beginning.

"I have a different perception of my relationship with my ex-husband than what was really happening. And when we fell in love, he had been sober for three years. He was, you know, getting his life back together. He'd just gotten a job on Spin City."

Richards continues: "I really admired his strength and courage for overcoming addiction and being so humble about it. And that's what attracted me to him. So the Charlie that some of you have seen over the last six months is not the person that I met and married."

The two are supposedly friends, but during his stint with bat sh-t insanity, Sheen called her "that traitor and loser whore #DUH-neese POOR-ards, a vile kidnapper and now dog thief. hate."


The two seem to have made amends since then, but Denise says:

"I take it day by day. One day at a time. I think it's not about he and I truly. It's about the kids. His lifestyle's his lifestyle."