Denise Richards Discloses Details on Charlie Sheen Hotel Meltdown

July 27, 2011 By:
Denise Richards Discloses Details on Charlie Sheen Hotel Meltdown

Based on the interviews she's been giving, Denise Richards' new book, Real Girl Next Door seems to be a Charlie Sheen biography.

Richards has been on a press tour promoting her book, but the only details anyone seems interest in are the stories about Sheen. Most recently, Richards opened up about the infamous hotel meltdown in which Charlie Sheen held a knife to a porn star's throat.

The incident occurred nine months ago at New York's Plaza Hotel. Richards says:

"Charlie invited me to this dinner with 'friends,' and once I realized what these women did for a living, I thought, 'It's one meal; you can suck it up and get through it.'"

Interesting choice of words. Richards continued, "It's not my place to judge how they make a paycheck."

Denise then says that after dinner, she put the girls down to sleep, completely ignoring the fact that she brought her six and seven year old kids to what was most likely meant to be a pre-orgy meal. She then went to bed and an hour later, police showed up, knocking on her hotel door.

"Several officers went into Charlie's room, and a sergeant came into mine," Richards explains. The sergeant then asked her:

"Your ex-husband is staying in the room across the hall while you're in this room? And you went to dinner with him and there were hookers there at the table?"

Richards says Sheen was then put into an ambulance and she rode with the sergeant to the hospital.

"After making sure Charlie was stable and settled, the nice policeman gave me a ride back."

Denise says she'll never cut off contact with Charlie, as he's the father of her children. "As they're older they'll deal with him how they can."

And you thought your childhood sucked.