Denise Is Not That Poor

May 22, 2008 By:
Denise Is Not That Poor

Now that Denise Richards has a new reality show we are all forced to hear about her Charlie Sheen drama over and over and over again. It was soooo long ago, let’s get over it.

As we mentioned yesterday, Denise has been doing the rounds to promote her new reality show which she has been getting a lot of heat for. While a guest on "Today," "The View" and "Larry King Live" Denise mentioned that she basically makes chump change from Charlie and she had to do the show to support her kids.

That chump change happens to be more that you and I make in an entire year. "Denise gets $52,000 a month tax-free in child support," an insider said. "Most people in America can figure out how to live on that, but Denise can't?"

Oh it doesn’t end there. Denise also got $60,000 a month for two years straight in alimony which totals up to $1.44 million. Wait, we’re not done yet. She apparently also gets a portion of Charlie’s "Two and a Half Men," which "eventually will net her up to $25 million," the source added.

A rep for Sheen released another statement saying, "The mere fact that she continues to publicly discuss and harass both Brooke and me three years after our separation, which for the record is longer than the actual length of the marriage, is beyond desperate and speaks volumes."

Do you guys wanna continue to hear about Charlie and Denise drama? It’s just not juicy anymore because you think about those little kids that are gonna read about all the bad things their parents said about each other. What Charlie and Denise should do is have their kids get a head start on therapy.