Sarah Jessica Parker Is Replacing Demi Moore In 'Lovelace' Now

January 28, 2012 By:
Sarah Jessica Parker Is Replacing Demi Moore In 'Lovelace' Now

So remember how Mary Louise Parker was replacing Demi Moore in that Lovelace movie? Turns out, nope, it’s another Parker actress with three names—Sarah Jessica Parker.

Us Weekly originally reported that an onset source revealed Weeds actress Mary Louise Parker is up for the role of Gloria Steinem in the project. Now, PEOPLE is reporting that it’s actually Sarah Jessica Parker who will replace Demi.

There’s been so much speculation over who is and isn’t in this movie, we probably won’t know the final cast until it comes out.

Lovelace has already started shooting in Los Angeles, with Amanda Seyfried playing Linda Lovelace, the subject of the porn biopic. James Franco is also in the flick, playing Hugh Hefner.

Meanwhile, Demi pulled out of the movie amid her highly publicized hospitalization that occurred after she reacted from, I don’t know, what is it now—Red Bull, K2 Spice, incense, etc.

After she was rushed to the hospital on Monday night, Moore’s rep told the media she was receiving professional treatment for “her exhaustion and improving her overall health.”

An insider told Us Weekly that Demi “has spiraled” since her split from Ashton Kutcher.

"Her life is completely in crisis," continued the source. "She is turning 50 and has no idea who she is or what her focus should be."

A couple of weeks before her hospital incident, Demi was spotted partying with her daughter, Rumer Willis, in Hollywood. Rumer was also reportedly at Demi’s home when her mother began to convulse in a seizure.